17 July 2016

Bella's Euro Vision


I've fully recovered from my illness now and as a very special treat we will shortly be travelling overseas and touring Europe. As for "Brexit" - well Bella's not turning her back on EU (see my joke there). There's great excitement in our household as preparations are underway . . .

22 April 2016

A Purrfect Recovery


Here we are in mid April and I'm feeling so much better. I have my final check-up with my doctor in a few weeks time and if everything is fine, Mum and Dad plan on resuming our exciting adventures in late May. They've promised me some very special trips to make up for all the time I've been poorly so do look out for many more exciting blog reports from your very own roving feline reporter!

24 March 2016

String Theory


We've not been on any recent trips to tell you about and there's a very good reason for that. Bella's been poorly!
I hope to be visiting lots of exciting new places just as soon as I've fully recovered but in the meantime, let me string you along . . .  

26 January 2016

Anglo-Saxon Village


Not many cats can say they've visited the Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, and early Anglo-Saxon periods of history. But Bella has, on a visit to West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village, on the banks of the River Lark by the village of West Stow in Suffolk - which covers all of these era's. Mum says history is good for the mind but I just want to explore and maybe we'll excavate an ancient mouse or two!

12 January 2016

Magic Of Merseyside


You'll never walk alone, ferry cross the Mersey, and all that. We visit the wonderful city of Liverpool, famous for lots of things including the aforementioned phrases, jovial “scousers”, and two others that are very special indeed – one a band and the other a football club.

23 December 2015

Christmas Wishes From Bella The Travelling Cat


That special time of year is almost here again and my letter was sent to Santa a long time ago. Well, Mum actually put the pen to paper, but the most exciting thing is that Santa wrote back to me. He said that he wished he had more helpers, so following some extra special purring and rubbing my fur against Mum's legs it was decided that we would go on our longest and most special trip ever - to the North Pole to visit Santa and his helpers.

8 December 2015

Britain's Highest Pubs


This is a great trip which takes us to some remote places where we discover the two highest altitude pubs in Britain. At 1,732ft and 1,689ft above sea level respectively, that's high,but hey I'm a cat and cats love being up high. It's all to do with our superiority and being able to look down on our domain, and stalking birds of course. So I'm looking forward to it, and so are Mum and Dad as we're visiting pubs!

29 November 2015

The Magic Of Glastonbury


We visit mystical and magical Glastonbury which is famous for not only the five-day festival but also the conical hill of Glastonbury Tor, the mysterious healing waters of the White Spring, the New Age community it attracts, and the many myths and legends that surround it. Oh, and I get to lay on a strange labyrinth. Lets get started then . . .

14 November 2015

UFO's & Aliens


I've always been interested in UFO's and aliens so this trip is especially exciting (and scary) for me. Two of the most dramatic UFO sightings ever to take place occurred in Todmorden, and Rendlesham Forest, where the most famous UFO incident in British history took place leading it to be dubbed 'Britain's Roswell'. Ooh err! Is there anybody there?

29 October 2015

Roaming With The Romans


We're going on a local trip . . . to a Roman fort, and I'm wondering if I get to fight a gladiator, or maybe even take command of the fort. After all, Bella is a natural leader you know and I'm sure I could win some impressive battles if I were in charge of an army - even the Roman Army.

15 October 2015

Pirate Parties & Monastic Monks


Pirates and plunder as we hear of epic tales of discovery and experience the harsh life on board a 16th century galleon. And as if a tot of rum or two with a sailor isn't enough, it's then on to see the world of being a monk - but there's even a drink or two to be had there. It's Tonic Wine, made by the monks, but I don't think I'm going to be getting any!

2 October 2015

A Cave, A Witch, And A Petrifying Well


England's oldest entrance charging visitor attraction has a fascinating, if somewhat spooky and at times sad story to tell. The magic of the well, a unique geological phenomenon that can turn everyday objects to stone, and the legendary cave that the soothsayer and prophetess - although many say witch - that Mother Shipton was born in, are both enchanting and mysterious. 

23 September 2015

Land Of The Little People & The Amazing Pack o'Cards


Well, we've been to some quirky places on our journeys but this trip must be the most unusual to date as we get to see over 1,000 colourful little people, all wearing strange little hats. We also visit a most striking building whose dimensions and attributes are all connected to a deck of playing cards.

14 September 2015

Rugby World Cup 2015


England Rugby
A cat playing rugby I hear you say. Well it’s true, and my pictures will show you that I can make some pretty sharp moves. It seems everyone’s talking about the upcoming Rugby World Cup, and in particular the chances of England actually winning it as they have a very good team this year - and it’s hosted by them. Well I've been in training and I'd just like to say that Bella’s services are available and I’m ready for a call up, even at short notice.

31 August 2015

The Curious History Of Westward Ho!


Apart from being noted for its unusual place name, the Victorian seaside resort of Westward Ho! has many other surprises in store for visitors. The Panjandrum, Bailey Bridges, Rudyard Kipling, a submerged forest, and the oldest golf course in England and Wales are just a few.

And on this particular trip look out for a very special picture of Bella the Travelling Cat - yes me - as the only cat sunbathing on a beach.

17 August 2015

The Eden Project


Bella The Travelling Cat at EDEN PROJECT
A spectacular setting for one of the great marvels of modern Britain, The Eden Project is unique in design, planning and mission. The zones (or 'Biomes' as they are called) are a truly fantastic sight to see, a bit like gigantic golf balls from a distance. Oh, and we get to come face to face with some terrifying dinosaurs - except I wasn't scared at all.

3 August 2015

Banbury Cross Rhyme & The Headington Shark


Travelling Cats at BANBURY

Another of our trip’s where we encounter the strange and the unexplained; strange as in a large sea creature disappearing through a hole in the roof of an urban house, and unexplained in relation to a hugely popular nursery rhyme that no-one seems to know the history of, or how it came to be. Well, mum keeps trying to get me to sing this rhyme with her, and as I don’t have a clue what she’s talking about mum decides to actually show me instead.

13 July 2015

The Giant's Head & The Mud Maid


Travelling Cat trip to Cornwall

Our second trip to Cornwall and we take in some mighty unusual places such as a shipwreck museum, the famous Lost Gardens of Heligan, and Goonhilly Earth Station – which was once both the oldest and largest satellite station on the planet. Oh, and I get completely covered in black oil.

3 July 2015

A Quintessentially English Village


Well here we are at the weekend again and once more we’re off on our travels. Mum and dad have decided to have a day trip out today, which is unusual as we usually go for several nights or a weekend away. Very exciting.
Great Tew is a stunning English village with thatched-roofed houses and a magnificent parish church. It’s the kind of place that most people would like to live or retire to, but is the village pub haunted?